Losing Race Cupcakes

race cupcakes CraftFail regular, Allison, whose Minecraft cake, barf loaf and Domo fail are all but legendary around here, continues to brave the hazards of her kitchen (and her family’s scorn) to bring us amazing feats of food failing. This time, she whipped up some cupcakes, inspired by these go-kart cakes from ChiQueCaKes, to celebrate her son’s participation in a pinewood derby. Her friends told her they sucked, even though she’d already Instagrammed them and incorporated them into a fancy collage. pinewood derby collageMaybe a little misshapen, but who among us isn’t?!? Don’t feel bad, Allison – I’ll help you eat the evidence! Besides, those paper checkered flags you used turned out almost EXACTLY like the inspiration, so there’s that! race cupcakes nailed itFor more funny, race over to read more from Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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