Pale Pastel Undyed Eggs

swirl Easter eggs

Swirly Easter eggs¬†using shaving cream and food coloring instead of tablets and vinegar, like these from A Thrifty Mom, really appealed to CraftFail reader Aly. She said, “Sweet! No messy cups of dye for my 4 kids ( 2 with Asperger’s) to spill everywhere.”

Things started off with promise – just look at all that vibrant color in the foam!

swirl Easter eggs fail in progress

Unfortunately, after they wiped the foam off things weren’t so vibrant.

swirl Easter eggs fail


People have written to us with this same problem before, while I see others on Pinterest get perfect results every time. So what gives?

Some commenters suggest it has to do with whether you use liquid or gel dye. Other people debate using shaving cream versus Cool Whip. Several people swear the difference comes in using farm fresh eggs instead of the ones you get at the grocery store.

Whatever the deal is, I still think this is a win – I’ll take pastels any day if it means my kids won’t spill dye on the table and smell like vinegar for three days!

swirl eggsFor more funny that doesn’t stink, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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