Pancake Bacon Blobs


If I had to name something better than bacon and pancakes, the only answer I’d be able to come up with is bacon IN pancakes, like we have here with these scrumptious buffet pancake dippers from Lady Behind the Curtain.

However, CraftFail has seen its share of pan-bacon-cakes gone wrong. (Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about these unwholesome bacon-y lady bits already!) So I can’t say I was too surprised to see this bacon breakfast fail come in from reader Merriette:

bacon pancake fail

Mmm, bacon blobs. I’m sure they’ll be quite tasty when they’re cooked, assuming they didn’t starve in the process (this was their THIRD TRY).

Three tries?!? We commend your commitment to eating bacon pancakes for breakfast! But unfortunately, we can’t commend that runny batter.

Bacon Pancakes Nailed ItFor more funny, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s serving hot, fresh bacon right… oops, she ate it all, too late. Luckily, hot fresh humor is served up all day long!

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