Pretty Puny Tissue Paper Pendants

tissue paper pendants

I almost couldn’t find the tutorial for these¬†tissue paper pendants from Snapping Monsters, because OMG THE CUTE PROJECTS. So. Many. Cute projects. Very distracting.

Eventually, however, I snapped back to reality by reminding myself that my craft wire is trapped under a pile of other projects I never finished, which I’m pretty sure I’m required by Crafting Law to finish before I pretend I can learn how to do something new. Not to mention, the last time I tried to use resin, an important ingredient in this particular project, I very nearly permanently adhered my fingers to a plastic cup.

CraftFail reader Kate, however, gave herself the all-clear to give this necklace a try.

tissue paper pendant fail

Now, maybe my standards are especially low, but I think her pendants look pretty dang pretty. Maybe not as stamped… or detailed… or numerous as the inspiration, but still an enviable effort!

Kate saw things differently. “So I saw this beautiful necklace on a blog called Snapping Monsters. I thought I could make it as an Easter present for my mom. All in one day. The Saturday before Easter. Not.even.close. She wore it on Easter too and now I feel bad!”

Well, luckily moms are required by Crafting Law to love every craft their kids ever make for them – a rule that obviously extends way beyond kindergarten art class. Besides, it’s the thought that counts! Even if it’s a last-minute thought.

tissue paper pendant nailed itFor serious funny and serious failure, see Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

4 Responses to Pretty Puny Tissue Paper Pendants

  1. yenta says:

    I honestly don’t think this came out so bad. Better than I could ever do!

  2. Sandy says:

    I think it turned out well, too.

  3. Isabella says:

    I think they’d be cuter as earrings but yeah, not that bad actually.

  4. Janell says:

    The top picture looks like a project that would be in a Michael’s flier.

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