RumChata Frosting Fail

RumChata frosting

I’m not sure what rock I’ve been living under, but when semi-pro CraftFailer, Allison, said she tried her hand at RumChata frosting I had to look up what on Earth she was taking about. Thank goodness for Google, because I got an eyeful of this recipe from b.u.i. cupcakes – check out all that light, creamy, boozy goodness!

Sugar and alcohol – how could you go wrong, Allison?

RumchataOkay, not terrible, but not exactly… symmetrical either. But in her defense, she DID admit to getting pretty buzzed from “sampling” all that frosting!

RumChata frosting nailed it

For more funny find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she plans to drink… I mean, make some of this frosting soon, too!

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