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These Bath Crayons Are Dirty

DIY bath soap

Kat, from How To, How Hard, and How Much, attempted to make DIY bath crayons based on some instructions she found on Pinterest.

DIY bath crayons instructionsI bet you’ve seen this pin, too. Seems pretty simple, right? So Kat followed the instructions exactly, eagerly anticipating how much fun kiddos would have in the tub! Here’s how they came out:

DIY bath crayon failNow here’s where things start to get dirty. Kat blames herself for this crumbly mess of a craftfail because the instructions didn’t specify HOW MUCH water to add (Excuse me, but what’s the “right consistency?”) and she figures she added too much.

However, in addition to leaving out important details like measurements, sometimes Pinterest is just a flat-out filthy liar. When I started searching for a pin that actually linked to real instructions for DIY bath crayons that look like the ones pictured in this pin, I found that all the real tutorials use glycerin soap, not Ivory soap.

Thanks a lot, Pinterest – this fail was a set-up from the start!

DIY bath crayonFor more funny, follow Robyn to Hollow Tree Ventures!




One Response to These Bath Crayons Are Dirty

  1. pikapal says:

    The original pin looks like jello or glycerine soap or something. They are too transparent to be soap crayons. Even the store bought ones aren’t that transparent.

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