Up Up and (Throw This Cake) Away!

multi-layer Superhero Cake

No one on the entire internet seems to know who made this incredibly detailed superhero cake, which is a bummer for a number of reasons. First, if I’d made a cake that incredible I would sure as hell want credit for it (and possibly a million dollars, as well as my own show on the Food Network), and second because without an original source, we have no hope of getting a tutorial for how to make it.

Still, can’t we just figure out how to recreate it by looking at the photo?

If CraftFail reader Emily’s attempt is any indication… no.

multi-layer Superhero Cake failOkay, obviously she went in a slightly different direction. Looks like she (understandably) ran out of steam after making the Captain America and Melty Aquaman tiers, wisely opting to replace the other superheros with a few skyscraper layers, which appear to be growing delicious lemon Starburst tumors.

Emily confides, “The first mistake was adding maple syrup instead of Karo Syrup to the fondant. The second mistake was thinking I had artistic ability/patience to build a fondant cake.”

multi-layer Superhero Cake nailed it

For more superfunny, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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