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Cut Bottle Bust

cut glass with string

We’ve all seen tutorials, like this one by accidentalcharm on tumblr, for cutting glass with string. “That seems easy,” we crazily think to ourselves. “With just some string, highly flammable liquid, and empty bottles of booze, I could have some broken glass! What could go wrong?”

The answer is *plenty* – even if you stopped guzzling the contents of your bottle well before starting this project -which is what Nicole and husband discovered. Ignoring past failed attempts (and injuries), they followed the instructions to the letter.

And couldn’t get it to work.

So they went above and beyond what the instructions called for, soaking the twine in rubbing alcohol for 20 MINUTES and then setting it ablaze with a blow torch.

cutting glass with string

You can bet it worked this time! Just maybe a little *too* well…

broken bottle

As Nicole pointed out, the last stage of the process – gently sanding the edges smooth – was really out of the question. Oh well, time to start drinking again!

cut glass with string fail

For more funny (and dangerous, ill-advised projects – like raising kids) follow Robyn to Hollow Tree Ventures!

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