Funny Runny Rainbow Jell-O

rainbow jello

Jell-O is a classic – but in the past, the fanciest thing you could do with a gelatin dessert was pour it into a mold and float mushy bits of pineapple in it. Leave it to creative minds like the folks at Just A Pinch to take Jell-o from “monochromatic meh” to “rainbow layered WOW.”

To sweeten the deal, the recipe for this colorful treat is fairly simple: you just alternate different flavors of Jell-O with a special mixture of sweetened condensed milk, making sure to refrigerate between each layer until it’s set. Isn’t it beautiful?

rainbow jello failJessica, of Four Plus An Angel, definitely added at least a few flavors of Jell-O and what appears to be PLENTY of sweetened condensed milk, but… the layers part isn’t exactly happening. Instead of a rainbow, it looks more like lumpy, melted gummy bear ice cream – which, come to think of it, would be a gigantic hit at my house.

rainbow jello nailed itFor more laughs visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where her cooking is so bad her kids would be grateful to get this chunky Jell-O stew.


2 Responses to Funny Runny Rainbow Jell-O

  1. Aly says:

    It seems like boiling hot jello would melt through the milk layer and well now it’s a throw back to the 70’s with lava lamp jello. Congrats you have invented the next big thing ;)

  2. yenta1957 says:

    I can’t even judge this because historically jello deserts + I have some real bad chemistry.
    Wish “craft fail” was around when 1 of my daughters had an “Under the Sea” ( Ariel, “little mermaid”) party. That centerpiece was a large round fishbowl, that I planned to place gummy fish in w/ blue jello.
    So, I totally underestimated the amt of blue jello needed, had to send my husband out to the store a FEW times the night before to get more blue jello. I STILL didn’t have enough + late the night before the party I began using green jello w/ the blue jello that wasn’t set. Oh + I also underestimated the amt of time for this massive amt of jello to set.
    It was a “sight” to behold. LOL

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