Mashed Mustache Nails

Moustache Fingernails by cutepolish

We’ve seen attempts at this YouTube nail polish tutorial for Movember Moustache Nails by cutepolish before, with some hair-raising results. Still, it’s such an undeniably adorable manicure, it’s tough not to be tempted to try it!

CraftFail reader Louise definitely wanted to try her hand at this handlebar mustache, but she knew there was a lot of potential for a nail fail. So she watched a video, took her time and tried it out on just one finger…

mustache nail fail

“What the picture does not show, is that after 2 mins. I ruined the part of the mustache that actually looked good, since it was not dried,” says Louise. She says she’s not afraid to give it another chance, but maybe she should wait a few months; in October this would make a really great “bat that got run over by a steamroller” manicure!

mustache manicure NAILED IT

For more funny and more failure, follow Robyn to Hollow Tree Ventures!

One Response to Mashed Mustache Nails

  1. yenta1957 says:

    That “fail” still looks better than anything I would be able to do. Even if I was using stickers.

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