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Pulled-Apart Polka Dot Cake

polka dot cake

Polka dot cake recipes (like this one from Once Upon a Pedestal) are so popular on Pinterest right now; I guess people decided just plain cake pops weren’t challenging enough, so they started making colorful cake pops AND putting them inside other desserts.

Well, I guess it’s easier than decorating the cake pops themselves, right?


Maybe not, according to reader Chelle. Because when you’re just making cake pops, at least you don’t have to remember to grease a cake pan…

polka dot cake fail

Well, that’s one way to reveal the colorful surprise inside! At least she has the comfort of knowing she’s not the first to make a polka-dot-not cake.

polka dot cake nailed it

For more funny, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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