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DIY Air Vase – nailed it

air vase

These decorative vases are made out of paper, but “air vase” is still a pretty accurate name for them, considering air is just about all the delicate beauties will hold.

The retail value for a pre-made air vase is a wee bit high, though, considering it’s nothing but shredded paper. Or at least that’s how many see it, so it’s handy that there’s a DIY air vase tutorial, complete with printable PDF showing you where to cut, on! Now, dedicated crafters like Kat can set aside an hour for X-acto knifing some paper slits and make their own!


air vase fail

You can pop over to How To, How Hard and How Much to see the breakdown on this broken vase – in my grade book, Kat still gets an A+++++++ for patience.

DIY air vase nailed it

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