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Scary Franken-Fail

Frankenstein treatIt’s never too early in the fall to start thinking about Halloween! Especially when it comes to food; planning out which treats I’ll need to make for parties and my kids’ classrooms ahead of time MIGHT mean I’ll be able to scrounge up last-minute costumes when they all suddenly change their minds about what they want to wear for trick-or-treating.


This Frankenstein Rice Krispie treat, found on, seems simple enough. Most kids love these crispy marshmallow goodies, and if all I have to do is spread some icing and slap on some gumdrops, I bet I could actually make enough of these for my daughter’s whole class AND my son’s homeroom! I might even be able to make them all before Halloween gets here!

CraftFail reader Rosalie needed to whip up a big batch, too, but in her case it was to celebrate the anniversary of her store opening.

Fankenstein treat fail



Rosalie explains, “Whatevs. They all still tasted good. It’s hard to screw up sugar. Also, was I too proud to upload my photo to to warn others who look at that recipe and think it is a thing they could actually do? No. No, I was not. It’s up there now – junking up their perfect little Frankenstein. Ha! Take that!”

Frankenstein treats - nailed it

For more funny failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

One Response to Scary Franken-Fail

  1. Rosalie says:

    I am honored to be included in CraftFail fame. Thank you!

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