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That’s the way the rainbow cake crumbles!

Rainbow CakeIt’s easy to see why someone would want to attempt to make this gorgeous rainbow layered cake from how does she?.

It’s also easy to see how an attempt could easily come crumbling down around you, especially after reading this email from craftfailer and attempted baker, Courtney.

I threw my daughter a Rainbow Unicorn 4th birthday party.  When I saw this cake I knew I had to make it.  It would be so dramatic when I cut into in front of all our friends.  I could hear the “oohs” and “ahhs” and the applause!
It was destined to be a fail – first, because I was making it; second, because the ingredients were daunting (coconut oil?  I asked the author about a substitute, and she said vegetable oil would be fine; and 16 cups of powdered sugar?  who has a mixing bowl that big, seriously?).
I got the cake mix mixed and divided evenly and got the colors pretty close to what I wanted.  I only had 3 cake pans so I had to cook the green, blue, and purple layers first.  They looked a little flat and bumpy on top, but I didn’t want thick layers since there were so many.  They didn’t have a long time to cool down before I took them out of the pan so I could re-use them.  I went ahead and assembled those layers with icing in between.  Not too bad so far.  It was getting late when the red,orange, and yellow layers were done, so they didn’t get to cool much either, but I went ahead and iced and assembled those on top.  By this time the layers were kind of sliding around and I hadn’t leveled each layer, so I quickly finished up and shoved it in the fridge to chill and hopefully the icing would harden up a little and keep it all together.  Then I would put the final layer of icing on the next day.  I started cleaning up and opened the fridge to put something away and saw that the red and orange layers had completely come apart and slid off.  I thought I was just tired and seeing things, but when I realized it was true, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
The next day I ordered a professional boring chocolate cake from our grocery store bakery.  So anti-climactic. 
Rainbow Cake fail
The new cake was a nice touch, Courtney. Since it was already a unicorn rainbow theme, I’d have just found one of those pegasus My Little Ponies and smashed it into the middle. “Oh look, honey – that baby unicorn landed right in your cake!”
Rainbow-Cake nailed it
For more sweet, delicious, funny failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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