Under the Sea(sick) Cake

Under the Sea CakeThis photo of an Under the Sea cake originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine (you can find a recipe on Spoonful, too), and even though I have no idea where you’d find candy rocks, the design looks pretty simple to assemble.

Of course, you wouldn’t *have* to mess with all that crazy detail. Who needs sugary shells and sour seaweed? CraftFail regular Allison shows us what a simpler seascape might look like.

Swedish Fish cake


Hey, that blue icing “water” really is watery – how realistic!

Now, in fairness, it’s not like Allison was trying to recreate an entire fancy fish tank exactly like the upscale (SCALE! See what I did there?) magazine version – she just dove into the deep end and created her own thing, which surely made a real splash at her party! Plus, she gets bonus points for training those side fish to try to contain that water. I mean… icing.

Under the Sea cake nailed it

For more funny examples of totally tanking, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!



2 Responses to Under the Sea(sick) Cake

  1. asthehind says:

    I love how that fish at the top is just jammed in head first! It looks like someone said “Duck it, I’m done,” and just slapped it in there!

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