Giant Cupcake Fail – and a Giant Cupcake Fix

giant cupcake

This giant cupcake by Crafty Chic Mommy is a super-sized treat that’s super sweet. Even the cupcake “wrapper” is solid chocolate!

I’ll just wait for you to stop drooling. Take your time.

CraftFail reader Nikki sopped up her drool and decided to make one of these gigantic sweets for her daughter’s birthday. But we wouldn’t be here if she didn’t run into some problems, which of course she did. Namely…

  1. A buttered-pan fail. “I took a couple table spoons of a stick of butter and spread it around and then put the flour in and shook it around and dumped the excess off. (My cousin later informed me you are supposed to put the butter on a paper towel and really dig into all the crevices and spread it around really good. I didn’t do that.)”
  2. She used the ingredients on her box mix instead of the ones in the tutorial. WHO KNOWS what kind of havoc that might have wreaked!?!
  3. The cake *might* not have cooled all the way before she tried to flip the pan over.

So, what did happen when she tried to flip the pan over?

giant cupcake fail

Uh… oops? But wait! A little bit of cake disintegration couldn’t stop Nikki, or her giant cupcake dreams.

Her sister-in-law suggested she just shove all the cake crumbles into the chocolate-shell wrapper, since no one could see them anyway. A paper towel roll inserted in the center helped support the salvaged cupcake top, which she decorated as usual and… TA-DAH!

giant cupcake fixIt looks good as new! Or actually better than new, since it looked pretty hopeless to begin with.

Way to stick with a fail and save all your sugary sweet efforts, Nikki!

Giant Cupcake failed it nailed it

For more cleverly disguised failure that’s crumbling just beneath the surface, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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