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Gummy Bear Cake Bomb

gummy bear cake by raspberri cupcake

Adding sweets onto sweets has always been one of my very favorite baking techniques – or it would be, if I didn’t just eat all the ingredients by the handful before actually making them into something. This gummy bear cake by raspberri cupcakes definitely falls into that category; if (unlike me) you can resist shoveling spoons of frosting and gummy bears into your mouth while the cake cools, it looks like it could be a sweetly adorable treat!

CraftFail reader Alice thought so too, so she decided to whip one up for her sister’s birthday.

gummy bear cake fail

SO CLOSE! As long as you don’t look at the back…

gummy bear cake fail rear view

Looks like the cake fell a little short of her expectations, and the frosting fell a little short of the correct quantity.

gummy bear cake nailed it

For more funny (and rear views that are better off hidden) visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

One Response to Gummy Bear Cake Bomb

  1. asher says:

    why so many fails by you?

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