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Halloween Costume Catastrophe

I complain a lot (please act surprised), but secretly I sort of love making my kids’ Halloween costumes.

You all are crafters, so I’m sure you understand – the fun of helping them pick what they want to be, the challenge of figuring out how to make it, the excitement of seeing it all come together. My kids have¬†been pirates and princesses, gladiators and Jedi, sharks and spiders – this year we’ll have a flamingo and a gumball machine! Even though I sometimes (usually) mess it up in some way or another, the whole process is pretty fun.

Until it’s two days before Halloween, and they CHANGE THEIR MINDS.

The funny ladies from Science of Parenthood summed it up perfectly with one of their ingenious cartoons:

minecraft meltdownYup, that seems about right. I asked if I could share it here because I was willing to bet some of you could relate…

Check out more funny fake facts from Science of Parenthood, and visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures for other funny failures!


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