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May the Fail Be With You

star wars cupcakes

You’d need something a lot stronger than the Force to withstand the delectable cuteness of these Star Wars cupcakes by Geek Sweets!

When CraftFail reader Rich found out his employer (MacMillan) was having a bake sale for cancer support, and that the theme was to involve licences they work with, he knew just what to do. And, eventually, he figured out what NOT to do. “I thought I’d try making Star Wars cupcakes, but due to too much food colouring and a general lack of culinary skill, this was the result!”

star wars cupcakes fail

Are those limited-edition Sunburned Princess Leia and Charcoal Briquette Darth cupcakes I see? DELICIOUS!

star wars cupcakes NAILED ITFor more funny failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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