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Owl Bet You Can’t Guess What These Are

pretzel owls

You can find all sorts of great treat ideas on Party City‘s Facebook page, like these pretzel owls that’d be just perfect for a Halloween party!

Or for a Girl Scout event?

Sure, why not? As CraftFail reader and leader of Ambassador Troop 40582 (HI, GIRLS!) Sue shares, she and her troop decided to practice making these in preparation for an upcoming event.

They cut the Starburst candies, melted the candy and began dipping their pretzels. Well besides not having the eyes (and we really didn’t want them after they started looking like the picture), and having a little difficulty positioning the nose & ears just so, I guess they decided the pretzels looked more like sick looking pumpkins or kitty cats and called it a fail. Personally I think they totally nailed it!

pretzel owls fail

Obviously these clever scouts were too creative to be confined to the directions or a recipe – why settle for owls when you can have these jack-o-lantern owl cats? I’m sure everyone appreciated their imaginative awesomeness when they recreated them at the Girl Scout event!

Pretzel Owl Treats NAILED IT

For more creative twists on funny failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

One Response to Owl Bet You Can’t Guess What These Are

  1. Christina says:

    I totally get when things go wrong, but it is obvious that she didn’t read it all or pay attention to the picture. Chocolate is a major role in this 0_o

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