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She-Ra, Princess of Persistent Costume Fails


She-Ra is experiencing a Pinterest-induced migraine.

Remember She-Ra, Princess of Power? She’s the alter ego of Princess Adora, twin sister of Prince Adam/He-Man, leader of the Great Rebellion on Etheria, and Mattel’s 1985 attempt to sell crappy superhero merch to all the little sisters of He-Man fans across the nation.

This has prompted an entire generation of (now mostly grown up) She-Ra fans to fulfill their childhood fantasies of BEING She-Ra by falling under the hypnotic spell of Pinterest and trying to make a She-Ra costume for Halloween.


Here’s what happened when Allison (whose crafting motto appears to be, “Can’t stop won’t stop” – and we hope she never does) decided to recreate She-Ra’s golden headdress. First, a trip to the craft store for supplies!

She-Ra costume planYou can see she’d started formulating a design plan before she even got home, because THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS.

Because the craft failing usually happens later, at home. Like with Attempt #1.

She-Ra fail 1

Followed by attempt #2.

She-Ra fail 2

Third time’s the charm?

she-ra costume fail 4

Closer… How about one more try?

she-ra costume fail 3

Let’s call it good enough. Now all she needs is She-Ra’s¬†choker and arm cuffs and golden knee-boots, and a skimpy white mini dress with winged boobs!

She’d better hurry up and get back to the craft store.

She-Ra crown NAILED IT

For more super-powered funny, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Allison was kind enough to send us an “after” photo of the finished costumes!

She-Ra costume final

Lookin’ good, and thank you for sparing the world some real-life furry He-Man underwear!

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