This Puppy Roll Got Lost in Translation

hot dog sandwich

Apparently this puppy hotdog roll was being circulated around Facebook a while back without any recipe or instructions. Because we all know how well projects ALWAYS turn out when we assume we can figure them out just by looking at the “after” picture, right?


Darlena, who blogs at parentwin and records all her food fails on her YouTube channel, wisely looked for a recipe for this adorable lunch. The closest thing she could find was here, but Darlena says it basically just told her “to mix flour with water, then bake it. So I did. To horrible results.”

hot dog sandwich fail

This poor, poor puppy looks like a pile of raw hash browns. But never fear, I found the original recipe on CookPad!

Except the recipe is in Japanese – and when I translated it, it went from unreadable to hilarious, with instructions like:

Basic dough – Please use your favorite fabric.

To the steaming up while you are Yugai about two minutes in a hot water once wiener

To put one on top of the cabbage shredded mayonnaise ? ? cabbage painted margarine

And my favorite…

voila I mean ketchup mustard to your liking ? let me add piping hot wiener

So, in this case, maybe we were all better off going with the Facebook photo with no instructions.

hot dog sandwich nailed it

For more funny, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s probably still giggling about adding piping hot wieners.

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