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Beautifully Backwards DIY Stamp

Make your own stampPaper crafters are always up for a new challenge, so of course you’ll find many of them carving their own stamps. Yes, you heard me – CARVING. THEIR. OWN. STAMPS. Like this cute DIY dandelion stamp found on Ashley’s Dandelion Wishes. Designs can be carved using special stamp-carving kits, school erasers, even potatoes or apples, and allow you the freedom to create any image you want!

You can even carve a word – though @oh_squirrel (of the oh squirrel stationary and gift site – SO awesomely quirky) shows us via Instagram that you have to take at least one special precaution when you attempt lettering. Can you see where her script took a wrong turn?

stamp fail

@oh_squirrel’s caption: I hand carved a lovely hello stamp. Spot the massive #craftfail

It’s so beautiful! Too bad it’s also so backwards… However, it’s nice to know that even a professional paper crafter can get turned around with a craftfail now and then!

For more backwards humor, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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