Freddo Face Loom Band Fail

Freddo loom bands

This happy frog face belongs to Cadbury’s Freddo, a character so popular (in chocolate form) that Cadbury spend 150 hours weaving loom bands and gluing them into a gigantic loom band Freddo face.

Sian, aka Helpful Mum, received a slightly¬†smaller-scale promotional version of the project to try out at home! It even came with two Freddo bars, making me only SLIGHTLY JEALOUS that we don’t have Freddos in the U.S. So, how did her mini-Freddo-face made of loom bands turn out?

3D Freddo loom band

In her defense, I bet she didn’t work on it for 150 hours, like Cadbury did (it only *felt* like 150 hours).

For more pics and more back story, check out her whole post on You’re not from round here.

3D Fredo Loom band face fail


For more funny (and pining for chocolate) find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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