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Ombre Scarf Snafu

ombre fabric

I wouldn’t say ombre dyeing fabric is one of the easiest – or tidiest – projects you could try, but it is a do-able DIY. Usually. According to tutorials like this one from trusted sources such as Better Homes and Gardens, which describe the process of dipping and adding dye, we could all be a few mere accidentally dye-splattered hours away from ombre bliss!

Unless you run into a few problems like CraftFail reader Lauren, of the thinking closet, did.

Like trusting the Amazon listing to correctly identify the type of fabric you’re buying (hint: polyester doesn’t like to be dyed, even if the Amazon listing says it isn’t polyester).

Or assuming that, armed with nothing but false hope and a crack pot, you can dye polyester anyway.

She tried dyeing some fabric for a really cute scarf, not once but twice! And both times, it came out not-so-nice.

ombre dye fail

Apparently the gradient is gorgeous – right up until the first rinse fades it out completely. As Lauren points out, “It was all the same baby blue color.  Pretty…but not ombre by any stretch of the imagination.”

As she also hilariously points out, “Note that I also nailed ‘cuff rolling’ in that last pic. Sheesh.”

DIY ombre dye NAILED IT

For more funny and rapidly fading good looks, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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