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Tasty 5-Dollar Pancake Prank

$5 bill pancakes

Leave it to some anonymous person an the Internet to create this picture of how a folded-up five-dollar bill reveals a hidden stack of pancakes – and leave it to reddit users to point out the fiver pancake photo is a fake.

CraftFail reader Caitlin gave it a shot…

$5 bill pancakes fail new five

…then realized she’d used one of the NEW five-dollar bills and gave it a try with an old one…

$5 bill pancakes fail old five

…and still came up short. On the plus side, at least she had $10 to go out and buy herself a huge stack of (real) pancakes as consolation!

$5 bill pancakes nailed it

For more funny (and disappointment when it comes to money) find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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