Very Scary Bat-Rabbits of Doom

bat cakepop treats

This pic of bat-shaped cake pops (without the sticks) was taken by CraftFail reader Ursula, who found the recipe in a German children’s magazine. She and her brothers decided to make them for a Halloween party, and WHY WOULDN’T THEY? Any dessert whose main ingredients are Oreos and cream cheese is a must-try, as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll let Ursula translate how the fail went down:

Well, the instructions told me to mash the Oreos with a mixer. This didn’t go to well, there were flying oreos everywhere. I had to do it with a fork. The following steps went well, but when it came to decorating the bats, it went disastrous. After rolling them in the frosting, they looked like pieces of poop and when I tried to put the wings on them, they had already dried so the frosting cracked. And because we didn’t have chocolate chips in the house for the bat ears, I simply left them out.

bat cake pop treats fail

Ursula continues, “The result looked like horribly misshapen rabid black zombie rabbits. But they were terribly tasty!”

I believe it – they might look scary for all the wrong reasons, but there isn’t really anything you can do to ruin the taste of cookies and cream cheese!

batty cake pop NAILED ITFor more frighteningly far-out missteps head to Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn is willing to take any misshapen Oreo-based cake pop blobs off your hands, because that’s the kind of awesome stuff she does for friends. Or for strangers, as long as they have Oreos.


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