How To Make a Chocolate-Coated Microwave

mug cake

Mmm, chocolate! It’s good with everything – and it’s even better when you can whip it up quickly into brownie form in the microwave, like user ITSHALFFULL managed to do with this 1-minute brownie in a cup recipe on Spark Recipes.

Or, as CraftFail reader Dylan probably calls it, a “1-minute chocolate soup everywhere but in the cup” recipe.

mug cake fail

What? Dipping sauce for your appliances? A microwave never looked so delicious!

mug cake NAILED IT

For more laughs, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures – where she isn’t afraid to eat chocolate in front of the kids, but she is willing to hide in the microwave with it if it means she doesn’t have to share.

4 Responses to How To Make a Chocolate-Coated Microwave

  1. Erin R. says:

    I’d still eat that. Was it a premonition that led her to set the mug on the white plate before “cooking,” or was there a note of caution in the recipe? Hmm.

  2. Alex Diaz-Tous says:

    Yikes! What a disaster! Although, I feel compelled to point out the spelling fail on the brownie, which says browine.

  3. robyn says:

    Hahaha, good catch @Alex! I’m eagerly awaiting the day when Photoshop lets me spellcheck. :)

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