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Melted Crayon Candle Mottled Mess

DIY crayon candles

These colorfully striped crayon candles from Adventures In Making are cute, clever way to use up all those ten bajillion broken crayons your kids have snapped in half and then refused to color with because EWW, THEY’RE RUINED!

Brittany figured she’d go one step trendier by making them in mason jars. She started strong:

DIY crayon candle mason jar

But the oven turned her melted wax dreams into a mottled, messy nightmare.

DIY crayon candle NAILED IT

Read Brittany’s whole story – and her helpful tips for avoiding the problems she encountered – in her post on Brittany Estes, DIY Crayon Candles.

And read Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures for funny failure in parenting and life and sometimes even crafts (but usually without the helpful follow-up).

2 Responses to Melted Crayon Candle Mottled Mess

  1. ArtVandela says:

    This isn’t a fail this is somebody who doesn’t follow directions.Just looking at the good candles you can tell they were poured one color at a time.After going to the website It even says 1 crayon per color and your mixing it with a white paraffin wax .

  2. Ana says:

    the woman who attempted this craft is a complete moron. If you look at the original tutorial, it’s super simple and easy to do. If the lady followed the correct steps and she messed up, that would be okay but, she didn’t do a single thing in the way that she was supposed to. She just layered crayons into a mason jar and then baked them in an oven. The actual steps were to use a microwave, heating the crayons along with actual candle wax for 30 seconds at a time, then allowing each layer to fully harden before adding the next one. I doubt the lady who failed even read the original steps.

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