Somebody Bailed On These Peanut Butter Balls

peanut butter balls

When you’re looking for oodles of holiday sweets to whip up for holiday cookie exchanges (or personal scarfing), recipes like this one for peanut butter balls from Ann’s Entitled Life sound both delicious and easy – you know how much I appreciate a cookie with few ingredients, few steps and zero baking time standing between me and my calorie consumption!

One CraftFail reader must’ve felt the same way, and sought to recreate a pan of these peanut buttery bites.

peanut butter balls fail

Even with the blurry photography, you can tell these aren’t ready for their bake-sale close-up. Did they give up on the whole process halfway through? Make a double batch of balls and run out of chocolate coating? I don’t know, but I do know that if there’s chocolate and peanut butter involved, I’m sure SOMEBODY will be happy to eat them…

peanut butter balls nailed it

…Me. I’m that somebody. Please bring all your unwanted cookies (and your sense of humor) over to Robyn’s place at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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