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That’s How Kids’ Christmas Cookies Crumble

Martha's Christmas cookies

Classic Christmas cookies, like these from her Royal (Icing) Highness Martha Stewart, are a staple of traditional holiday baking. The time-honored shapes of Santa, Rudolph, snowmen and Christmas trees are lovingly cut from sugar cookie dough, baked to perfection, and beautifully decorated with icing in the colors of the season.

Unless you have children, of course, which you know all about if you read¬†The 12 Steps of Trying to Bake Christmas Cookies with Your Kids. In that case, your cookies have zero chance of turning out like Martha’s – they’ll turn out more like Suzanne’s, of Toulouse and Tonic.

Christmas cookie fail

Instead of Santa, Rudolph and Frosty you’ll get parenting classics such as a Broken Candy Cane of Broken Dreams, a few Bloated Starfish, and something that looks vaguely like a puppy with a goiter.

What do YOU see on this baking sheet? Making cookies with children is like creating an edible Rorschach test – and after you’re done, you can *actually* eat your feelings!

Anyway, I’m sure it’s nothing a little icing and sprinkles can’t fix.

Christmas cookie decoration fail

Oops, I forgot – KIDS.

Christmas cookies NAILED IT

For more funny (and failing with children) visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

3 Responses to That’s How Kids’ Christmas Cookies Crumble

  1. Anna says:

    Honestly, I can’t tell the photos apart!

  2. yenta says:

    Been there + done that. Here’s what I do to prevent this problem. Before even rolling dough out to 1/4 ” thickness, put the cookie sheets in freezer. Then once shapes are cut out, throw the entire tray back in freezer for a few minutes. Has taken me YEARS to figure this out!

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