Unattractive Advent Calendar Adventure

Advent calendar

As each holiday season approaches, I see so many creative and fun Advent calendars on Pinterest (like this awesome punch board Advent from you are my fave) that I’m just SURE I’ll make one. YES, this will be the year when I actually make my own Advent calendar! I CAN DO IT!!!

Then I remember that the last thing I need to do is give my kids one more reason to ask, “IS IT CHRISTMAS YET???” every day during December.

I also remember that not everything on Pinterest turns out even remotely like you intend it to. Special thanks to my friend Anna of Random Handprints, who craftfails so often she’s even featured in the new CraftFail book, for curing me of this year’s Advent-envy by sharing her attempt at making this calendar with a Hanukkah twist:

Advent calendar failSymmetry is so overrated, am I right? Unfortunately, jagged misplaced circles and promises of paper cuts weren’t Anna’s only problems. The goodies the kids needed to punch through the tissue to get were supposed to be hidden in paper bags behind the holes, but apparently the bags (and the treats) refused to stay taped in place.

Perfect – now we’ve encouraged our children to punch things and then angered them by not providing the goodies we promised. That should go over well!

Advent calendar nailed it

For more LOL-attempts at the holidays and humor, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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