False Marzipan Mayhem

marzipan cookies

Sisters (and CraftFail readers) Gosia and Kasia each took a stab at an old family cookie recipe this year. Gosia was kind enough to send us photos of her version, shown above, and the whole story, told below.

My mother has an old recipe for “false marzipan” & chocolate cookies. The “false marzipan” pulp contains powdered milk, egg whites, butter, sugar and almond oil. As you imagine it’s pretty hard to achieve the right consistency. The pulp gets sticky and easily falls apart when carved.

This year cookies turned out amazing! I even made petals using a toothpick. My sister Kasia decided to make some for her family.

marzipan cookie fail

Apparently “one egg white” is not always the same amount and she ended up with messy, sticky glop. She tried to save it but… it didn’t turn out that well. We agreed we want to share it with you :)

And we’re all so, so grateful you did.

marzipan cookies nailed it

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  1. yenta says:

    Where do you get almond oil?

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