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Kids’ Craft-tastrophes

cupcake liner fish

Pinterest is full to the gills (FISH JOKE!) with adorable kids’ crafts, like these cupcake liner fish by I Heart Crafty Things. So many of them are useful, or educational, or just flat-out cute enough to make you consider keeping them forever and ever, even after you manage to sneak them off the refrigerator door two years from now. This underwater scene qualifies as all those things!

However, in my experience it seems like a lot of real-life kids’ art projects aren’t really any of those things – in fact, 99% of them aren’t even recognizable as things!

If your wee-little crafter’s art never turns out quite Pinterest-worthy, maybe you can relate to these pictures a little bit better. Here are some of the more common creations kids will come up with when you bring out the art supplies:



Oh hey, I have several of these works of art at my house:


Look familiar? If you’ve spent more than five minutes with a kid, it probably does. But you’re not alone! See more realistic kids’ art in Who Needs Pinterest? Try These Crafts Your Kids Already Know How to Make!

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