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Lumpy Lego Cake

LEGO cake

When it comes to beloved kids’ toys, Lego really takes the cake (hahahahaha *sigh*). What I mean is, almost every kid goes through a Lego phase – so it stands to reason that a lot of parents will end up, at some point, throwing a Lego-themed birthday party. Since you can’t exactly decorate the cake with real Legos (unless you also want a choking-hazard-themed party), Betty Crocker has come up with a recipe for a “Building Blocks Cake,” which is what smart people call their Lego cakes if they don’t want to get sued.

You might think the directions for a cake like this would be complicated, but you’d be wrong! The directions are actually quite simple; it’s making the directions work in real life that’s complicated.

Sue probably should have been clued in to the fact that mortals shouldn’t attempt to make this cake when she found it on a Martha Stewart Living Pinterest board. Nevertheless, she had some birthday party magic to create, so she forged ahead and found out firsthand that the cake itself isn’t too hard, and cutting marshmallows in half to make Lego nubs isn’t difficult, but covering everything in frosting…

LEGO cake icing fail…not so easy. So, was she able to salvage her efforts?

LEGO cake fail

Read Sue’s entire hilarious 13-step Lego cake tutorial on her blog, The Spin Cycle, then visit her on Facebook, Twitter and the Pinterest, where she will make you laugh – but as for cake inspiration, you might be on your own.

LEGO cake nailed itFor even more laughs and lumps (some of which are even in her failed cakes), find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


One Response to Lumpy Lego Cake

  1. Erin R. says:

    Ha ha! The red ones in the back look pretty good. I would have fallen for this one, too. It doesn’t look TOO ambitious.

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