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Pine Cone Wreath Wreck

pinecone wreath

Occasionally an initial craft success can become a craft fail ALL BY ITSELF, without any “help” from the crafter. CraftFail reader Carol explains how that was exactly the case for her gorgeous pine cone wreath, pictured above (in what we’ll soon refer to as the Before photo).

My good friend used to make & sell pine cone wreathes many years ago & thought we should give it a whirl this holiday season.

After recruiting our husbands to gather fallen cones from the golf course & picking up them up in parking lots, etc. we finally had enough to cover her whole balcony – 3 hefty bags full!

I spent the better part of two days at her house wiring the cones to the metal wreath frame – my hands were trashed & my clothes were covered with sap but I had a beautiful wreath to hang on my fence. All it needed was a nice big bow. We were away for a few days after we hung it & I was afraid someone might steal it from the fence.

I could not help but laugh when we pulled in the driveway – There was some rain & possibly some raccoons climbing around? Not sure what happened, but there isn’t a bow big enough
to make it better & I no longer need to worry about it being stolen!

So, where’s that After photo?

pinecone wreath wreck

Let that be a lesson to you, crafters – if you *do* succeed at a project, DON’T LET IT OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!

pinecone wreath nailed it

For more funny (and failure that she claims isn’t her fault – she swears!) find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

2 Responses to Pine Cone Wreath Wreck

  1. turena says:

    it’s the rain/wet. take it inside and let it dry out….will probably be fine again :)

  2. Gosia says:

    The only one to blame here is Mother Nature herself!
    My Dad made some minature chrstmas trees from pinecones & hot glue this year. First three were made from cones, that were scattered aruond the house for several months and they were just fine. Fourth and fifth however were made from fresh ones. They fell apart after we tried to aerate the room.
    Humidity, brothers and sisters! Humidity!

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