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Skull Cake Pops – A Little TOO Scary

Skulls Cake Pop Mix

Baking kits, like this one by In the Mix for making skull cake pops, are supposed to take the guesswork out of baked treats. Great! I, for one, can use all the help I can get.

However, based on the number of cake pop fails we’ve seen here, I’m starting to wonder if maybe every cake pop I’ve ever seen on Pinterest was either Photoshopped or a figment of my imagination. Case in point: even with the help of a kit, here’s what happened when CraftFail reader Nadia whipped up these skull pops for Halloween:

skeleton cake pop FAIL

Well, at least they’re COMPLETELY TERRIFYING! The bleeding cyclops with the mono-brow is my personal favorite. They might not look exactly like skeletons, but they DO look like something that died, so there’s that.

skeleton cake pops


For more funny and failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures – where chances are good that her kids woke her up too early, causing her to strongly resemble the skull pop in the middle.

One Response to Skull Cake Pops – A Little TOO Scary

  1. Erin R. says:

    No, it’s okay, they’re just skulls with all the decomposing flesh still attached. Fresh skulls.

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