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The Myth of the Healthy Cookie

peppermint oatmeal cookies

YUM, this peppermint oatmeal cookie couldn’t look more delicious! And you know what that means – if it’s delicious, it’s probably worse for you than bacon-wrapped fried lard.

Well, CraftFail reader Jen‘s figured she could fix that! Add a little something healthy here, swap out a sugary ingredient there, and… Uh oh.

peppermint oatmeal cookies fail

Here’s what happened:

My family has always loved making this sugary peppermint cookie during the holidays, but we’ve been improving our diets, so I tried to make a healthier version. I substituted mint leaves for peppermint candies, coconut flour for standard flour, coconut spread for margarine, oatmeal mixed with other large grains instead of plain oatmeal,and I accidentally used baking powder instead of baking soda. The result was a meatball shaped scone like biscuit that disintegrated when you attempted to pick it up. Oops. I learned that when you make more than one substitution that you are no longer making the original recipe and that if you want to make a cookie, don’t try to make health food … make a cookie.

peppermint oatmeal cookies NAILED IT

For more funny words and failed attempts at being healthy, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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