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This DIY Pacifier Clip Is Sew Messy

pacifier clip

One of my kids was absolutely addicted to her pacifier, and I can tell you that this DIY pacifier clip from Sew Woodsy is easily a billion times cuter than the oddball ribbon and binder clip creation I Frankensteined together to keep my daughter from dropping her paci every five seconds. I really needed a clip though, mostly because this was my third baby we’re talking about, and let’s face it, by the time you’re on your third kid you barely even look to see if there’s dirt on the binkie before you pop it back in their mouth. My daughter’s best bet for a clean paci was to never let it hit the floor in the first place.

Emily, of Swimming Sideways, admired a similar pacifier clip that a friend of hers had made, and figured it would be an easy, thoughtful gift she could make for another friend who had a new baby. Unfortunately, her sewing machine proved to be no match for the cute pink ribbon she chose.

pacifier clip fail

Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right? Besides, before you could say, “Here, let me wipe that pacifier off on my yoga pants” the baby will have that whole thing caked in slobber and applesauce crust anyway.

pacifier clip nailed it

For more funny parenting failures that she would probably keep to herself if she knew any better, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

2 Responses to This DIY Pacifier Clip Is Sew Messy

  1. katie says:

    I feel like I’ve finally made it in life to have a project featured on CraftFail!!!

  2. yenta says:

    Never tried to make 1 of these, but this looks like my sewing. Either the machine’s not threaded correctly or there’s a problem w/ the bobbin. I can never figure it out.

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