Chocolate Eclair Pie – Bye Bye

eclair cake

If you’re kitchen-challenged like I am, making a chocolate eclair might sound like it’s out of your dessert league. Luckily, Hugs and Cookies xoxo has an icebox chocolate eclair cake recipe that sounds so easy even I could whip one up!

Or could I?

Instagrammer @apriljean19 shows us that maybe it isn’t always quite as easy as it looks…

Chocolate eclair pie #fail #pinterestfail #runny #pie

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If you ask me, like most problems this pie fail can be fixed with one simple thing: MORE CHOCOLATE.

eclair-cake nailed it
For more funny (or if you just need someone to take some over-melted chocolate off your hands) pop over to visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

One Response to Chocolate Eclair Pie – Bye Bye

  1. Essie Kay says:

    Make it in a casserole dish! It’s square, so there’s no odd spaces missing crackers. Also use chocolate frosting instead of glaze. It works wonders. :-)

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