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Dream Catcher Nightmare

DIY dream catcher

DIY Dreamcatcher by Saving More Than Me

Remember when you were a kid at summer camp and the counselors showed you how to make dream catchers? You could create some beautiful webs – perfectly suited for catching dreams, they say – by tying a string onto a hoop, looping it around onto … another spot somewhere, then tying the string and stretching it across to … uh, somewhere else. Anyway, it seemed easy enough at the time!

It looks like Twitter user Alison (@guineagibbs) doesn’t quite remember all the steps either! She posted this photo and caption to her account:

dream catcher fail

We feel your pain, Alison. If we remember summer camp accurately, those things were sort of a nightmare.

For more funny failure and broken dream (catchers), find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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