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Slow Cooker Mac-n-Mistakes

slow baked mac n cheese

A Whisk and a Prayer is making dinner easy for us tonight with this Slow-Baked Mac and Cheese recipe – because even I can operate a slow-cooker without burning anything, and even a picky 3-year-old will eat cheese without complaining too much.*

*These are both lies – I can (and have) burned things in a slow-cooker, which is one of the reasons I’m not allowed in the kitchen anymore, and most 3-year-olds will only eat pasta that’s plain or made by Kraft. But whatever, you shouldn’t let that stop YOU from trying it!

CraftFail friend Kat, from How To, How Hard, and How Much, gave it a try. How did her rich, cheesy dish with a perfectly crunchy coating come out?

slow baked mac n cheese fail

OK, I’m going to have to side with the 3-year-olds on this one. Check out Kat’s funny five-step process for failing at this recipe, and then whip up a batch yourself – IF YOU DARE.

slow baked mac n cheese nailed it

For more half-baked funny, find Robyn burning stuff (and probably eating it anyway) over at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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