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The Heartbreak of Valentine’s Day CraftFails

Valentine's Day craftfails

So many of us strive to make sure Valentine’s Day is extra special – but of course, if we’ve learned anything here at CraftFail, it’s that crafts and recipes often don’t go quite according to plan.

What better way to start a day of love than with a heart-shaped bacon breakfast?

Valentines #pinterestfail

A photo posted by whitneytaul (@whitneytaul) on

Or maybe we should just skip straight to dessert instead. Cupcake, anyone?

#cupcakewars #walloflove #pinterestfail #mops

A photo posted by @kayla_castiglione on

Uh oh, the cupcake seems to have capsized. Let’s stick to whole cakes!


A photo posted by @sammyslam_reeves on

Never mind. Cookies? Yes, cookies! Inspired by Valentine’s conversation hearts!

Pinterest fail at its finest???????? #pinterestfail #conversationalhearts #firsttimeforeverything @kristin_soto

A photo posted by Jasmine Soto (@jasminesoto) on

Hmm, maybe we should skip the sweets and stick to something slightly healthier. Chocolate-covered strawberries, perhaps?

Ack! Oh well, chocolate is chocolate no matter what it looks like. After all, love itself isn’t always pretty either, is it?!?

Anyway, we might be better off showing our affection with sweet photography instead of actual sweets.

Oops! Happy Valentine’s Day, craft failers!

For more laughs, love and failure, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

3 Responses to The Heartbreak of Valentine’s Day CraftFails

  1. Panya says:

    FYI — Instagram pics don’t show up in Feedly.

  2. Kittentoes says:

    The last one is my fave. They both look shocked.

  3. Brandy says:

    That baby doesn’t look real… it looks like it was made in SIMS or something. O.o

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