A Not-Even-Close Cake Fail

rainbow confetti cake

On the Food Network, where pretty much any recipe appears to be possible, you’ll find a recipe for this rainbow layer cake and instructions for how to cover it in sprinkles.

Spoiler alert: Much to my surprise, their method for covering a cake with sprinkles is *not* “Throw sprinkles hastily at cake from across the kitchen as your birthday party guests begin to arrive.” Well excuuuuuuuse me, fancypants.

I guess Instagrammer @mackenz_o found it to be slightly more challenging than she expected, too.

That’s… That’s just… That’s just not even close! It looks like a cake mated with the mushroom cloud from an atomic blast. And even though quite a bit of the frosting seems to have oozed off to show us what I can only assume is cake underneath, I can’t quite make out any layers at all, rainbow or not. But she’s definitely right, it’s the thought that counts! Not to mention the time investment – those eleventy billion hours count for something, for sure!

rainbow confetti cake NAILED ITFor more funny sprinkled on top of failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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