Bungled Bridal Cupcake Dress

cupcake wedding dress

This lovely cupcake bridal gown arrangement, as seen on Bridal Guide, is just perfect for a wedding shower! It’s simple, sweet, and guests can keep¬†eating until long after it’s nothing but a frosted cupcake bridal bikini.

Instagram user @nellysim90 decided to put one together for her best friend’s bridal shower.

Not bad! But maybe there were one too many cooks in the kitchen – she got some help from a friend, and it looks like there might have been some disagreement about the best way to apply the icing. Should we stipple? Swirl? Stipple AND swirl? Just left it half-melt until it’s sorta smooth? Maybe if we toss some sprinkles on no one will notice…

I’m sure their friend appreciated the effort; and I’m sure she REALLY appreciated the effort it took to go out and buy a different cake!

For more funny and more failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

One Response to Bungled Bridal Cupcake Dress

  1. F Saunders says:

    Almost there! Just needed twice as many cupcakes : )

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