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Do You Want To Build a Terrifying Snowman?

melting snowman cookies


These melting snowman cookies from Land O Lakes recipes are just as adorable as they are delicious. All you need are you favorite sugar cookie dough, icing, some marshmallows, and assorted candy decorations to convince your kids that, since spring is coming and the weather is warming up, we’d better put the Frozen DVD away for a few months or THIS COULD HAPPEN TO OLAF!

Bonus points if you can sell the DVD in a garage sale this summer without them noticing.

Cookie lover and Instagrammer Breanna gave these cookies a try and…

melted snowman fail 1

OMG please do not show that cookie to any children! Try a different one!

melted snowman fail2

Noooooo! Never mind, with the nightmares these cookies would cause, you’d be better off just giving in and watch Frozen a couple hundred more times.

melting snowman cookies NAILED IT

For more laughs, or if you just need something to look at that isn’t Frozen-related FOR ONCE, stop by and say hi to Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

2 Responses to Do You Want To Build a Terrifying Snowman?

  1. Erin R. says:

    They’re like…characters in a Tim Burton movie.

  2. Amelie Frank says:

    One of those cookies looks like John Wayne Gacy. Seriously. I mean, just look at it.

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