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Leprechaun Pudding Potatoes

Leprechaun PuddingSt. Patrick’s Day is a great time for fun green treats, like this Leprechaun Pudding found on 24/7 Moms. It’s basically just vanilla pudding mixed with food coloring, but kids will eat it right up (in more ways than one)!

Repeat craftfailer Anna of Random Handprints went one better, telling us, “…instead of using store-bought pudding I said, ‘No my kids deserve healthy homemade pudding! I will make it myself!'”
Leprechaun Pudding
“It’s blancmange, which I thought was pudding, but it’s really pudding that has the consistency of custard,” she explains. “The kids were supposed to *smoothly* mix in blue and yellow [food coloring] and turn the pudding green, but instead well… this.”

*This* being some buttery, sour cream and chive St. Patrick’s Day potatoes, from the looks of things!

Leprechaun Pudding nailed it

For more funny find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she knows she probably shouldn’t be hungry for pudding after this, but PUDDING.

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