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Rants From Mommyland and the Accidental Alien


Bakerella is the undisputed queen of cake pops. Rightly so! She has a million gorgeous designs, many of which are amazingly intricately detailed, and – oh yeah – she also INVENTED THEM.

But you don’t have to be a professional cake pop expert to make them – heck, according to the internet, almost anyone can do it! Now, we’ve shown you the reality behind Pinterest cake pops before, but that doesn’t keep people’s expectations from soaring sky-high.

Enter Julianna, of Rants From Mommyland fame, who decided not only to make cake pops, but also to plan and orchestrate every other feature of her daughter’s fourth birthday party. And host it at her house. A project she started a whole six days before the party itself.

Piece of cake (pop)!

Rants From Mommyland cake pop alien

Image via Rants From Mommyland, used with permission

Or… not. This accidental cake pop alien was the best of the batch, and that was BEFORE she left the refrigerator door open overnight and ruined all the food! (Well, the food that wasn’t already pre-ruined, that is.)

For the whole hilarious play-by-play, read her (very aptly named) I Am Bad at Kids’ Birthday Parties – I promise you’ll laugh, and possibly rethink the concept of ever hosting a kid’s party. Like, ever.

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