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Skimpy Birthday Surprise

balloon avalanche

In an article containing great ways to make your kid feel special on his birthday, The House of Hendrix highlights this idea from the (no longer online) Sidetracked Mom. Basically you strap a ton of balloons to your child’s closed bedroom door with crepe paper. When they wake up and open the door, they’re showered with balloons! FUN!

I considered doing this for my son’s 13th birthday today, but luckily (before I hyperventilated blowing up 500 balloons) I remembered that his room is in the basement now. A surprise balloon avalanche at the top of the basement stairs is less, “WHEEE, fun!” and more like,¬†“WHEEE-DOO WHEEE-DOO WHEEE-DOO – oh good I hear the ambulance coming.”

But even if you don’t accidentally send your kids pinwheeling backwards down the basement steps in the face of a birthday balloon onslaught, other things can go wrong as Instagrammer @hannalee_23 so perfectly illustrates.

Oops! Oh well, it’s the thought that counts – and let this be a lesson to kids everywhere to STOP GETTING OUT OF BED AT 2 AM! Yes, even if it’s your birthday.

For more funny failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where remembering not to knock her poor teenager down the basement steps is ranked among her top parenting achievements to date.

One Response to Skimpy Birthday Surprise

  1. Brandy says:

    Too bad the picture’s no longer available.

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