This Is Your Brain On Cake

brain cake

OMG that looks so gross – but don’t worry, you can eat it! ISN’T THAT GREAT NEWS?

kiffakitty shares this brain cake tutorial via Instructables, and while the cake itself is exactly as freaky as it looks, the steps to make it aren’t as hard as you might think. She even shares how to make your own fondant, which we CraftFailers know from experience can be tricky to use.

Reader Teri’s husband decided to give it a try, which she shared with us on CraftFail’s Facebook page…

brain cake fail

Not exactly like the original, but considering it couldn’t POSSIBLY be nastier looking that the inspiration cake, I’d call it a win. He even included eyeballs and a red, bulbous nose – now that’s using your head! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

brain cake nailed itFor more freakiness that might make you slightly uncomfortable but will make you laugh anyway, head on over to Robyn’s usual home at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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